Saturday, April 28, 2012

Here's a video of Nina, Evelyn, Veronica, Jack, and others at TESOL 2012 EVO CALL-IS:

Carla Arena on Culture in the EFL Classroom

Veronica and I miraculously got seated next to each other without knowing it. Veronica can you share the story?

April 1, 2012 with Barbara Yalof a dear friend:

Nellie Deutsch
After over 15 hours of flying, I finally stopped so I could say a few words at the panel discussion on Culture in the EFL Classroom on March 30, 2012.

Friday, April 6, 2012


I learned, and it soon became obvious, that Philadelphia is known for its public art; everywhere you look, there's public art. If I have misidentified some of these items, please feel free to correct;-) What can you expect from a Canadian!
Ben Frankin--a bust made with old keys.
TheSigner--outside Independence Hall
I believe this represents the importance of the printing press in the struggle for independence.
Rodin I think--but I can't recall the title.
Very definitely Rodin--outside the Rodin Museum (closed for interior renovations)--and larger than the original in Paris! Nice spring daffodils, too. I'm a sucker for flowers at this time of the year--there's still snow on the ground back home.
Some famousgentleman on a horse--George Washington--surrounded by a variety of wild animals quite familiar in Canada. The statue is in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


The best thing about TESOL is meeting up with old friends, new ones, and meeting others only previously known online. Dinners are the time to be sociable.
Vance, Liz (?). Buth and Nina outside the Vietnamese restaurant we enjoyed two nights in a row--the price was definitely right.
Three amigas at the EV--Evelyn, moi, and Nellie.
Nina, definitely, out of character,  at El Azteca!
And then there were four: Ludmila, Cynthia, Veronica, and Nellie in Macy's on Saturday.