Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Dinner

Vance, Buth, Veronica, and I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, El Azteca (on Chestnut Street), after waiting a long time in the registration area to see if any other webheads would show up. Only Nellie emailed plaintively that she was denied entry to the Convention Center; we replied that we would come down, but when I went down to see, no one was there! We wonder where she disappeared to, as we were all hoping that she could join us. (We found out later that she did not get our reply. Evelyn was also looking for us in vain. It's so frustrating when you know you want to meet someone but can't find them! For webheads especially, I think it's frustrating because we are uncharacteristically unconnected at TESOL. Many of our phones don't work in the U.S.; mine does, obviously, but I don't use the text feature, which limits its use in this situation.)

Anyway, we enjoyed a pitcher of margaritas and some very yummy Mexican food (many vegetarian options: I had a combo platter with a chalupa, a chile relleno, and a cheese enchilada. It was delicious! After dinner Vance and Buth went one way and Veronica and I the other, back to the Holiday Inn for an early bedtime. It's amazing how tired one gets at conventions, mostly just sitting around with intermittent walks from one end of the Center to the other!

Veronica and me at dinner:

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